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In Memorium, Baird Jones, invitation for 4-10-2008 at Webster Hall


  Mark Biron Kristian Laliberte  
  Mark Kostabi John Norwood  
  Anne Dexter Jones Norman Reedus
  Joe Franklin Feres Rizk  
  Julie Harvey James Tully  
  Stephen D Hooper Annabel Vartanian  
  Abigail Jones Timo Weiland  
  Damon Johnson    
  Ken Emerson  

The Ballinger brothers of Webster Hall

An invitation only memorial party honoring Baird was held Thursday, April 10, at the newly landmarked Webster Hall on 11th Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues. There was a reprise of Baird's last museum show, Star Art. Damon Johnson, Mark Kostabi, James Tully, Conrad Voegel, and other friends displayed works created in homage to Baird. James Tully unveiled his eight foot obelisk on stage which continuously projects Baird Jones' celebrity art collection. The party appeared on the home page of FameGame.

As Baird had done at Studio 54 beforehand, Baird worked tirelessly publicising Webster Hall. For over 15 years he helped maintain Websters Hall's place in New York history. Built in 1886, Webster Hall was the site of Marcel Duchamp's blind man's ball, followed by the "Pagan Rout" and "The Futurist Ball", all inspired by turn of the century French bachanals. U2's first concert appearance in the US was at Webster Hall. In 1995 Madonna broadcast her pajama party there nationally. Both Al Gore and President Clinton launched thier national presidential campaign's at Webster Hall. Through Baird's constant press mentions, Webster Hall remained in the forefront of the popular consciousness, hosting the world's top musical acts and fashion week parties like Chloe Sevigny's February, 2008 Mac Cosmetics party. It is only fitting that Baird Jones was remembered here.




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April 13, 2008 -- THE spirit of Baird Jones was alive and well at Webster Hall Thursday night as hundreds of his friends paid tribute to the larger-than-life publicist, party-thrower and provocateur, who died in February at the age of 53. The party included selections from Jones' vast art collection, home movies from his childhood and his wacky TV appearances promoting the "National Chastity Association." His longtime pal Scott Pellegrino told us: "Baird would have loved it and been very touched."




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